"What exactly are you taking responsibility for?" FOX News chief political anchor Bret Baier asked former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"I took responsibility for being at the head of the State Department at [the time of the Benghazi attack]. Now that doesn't mean that I made every decision, because I obviously did not. But it means that I feel very deeply and personally about the losses [of four Americans' lives]." Clinton responded.
"It also means that, as a leader, I have a responsibility to find out what happened [and make changes to] prevent that from happening again," she continued.
"There is a difference between 'getting it wrong' and 'committing wrong'," Clinton said when asked about accountability in Washington for the events in Libya, adding that "existing American law" reportedly prohibits holding somebody "accountable for a mistake". 
She said that she has asked Congress to give leaders in her position the authority to be able to hold accountable those deemed so in the future.