Protestors in Arizona on Saturday are trying to shut down the only road leading to GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump rally in the Arizona, ahead of a full day of campaign events in the border state, which holds key primaries Tuesday.

The town hall-style meeting in Fountain Hills, Ariz., near Scottsdale, and will be followed by a bigger rally in Phoenix Convention Center.

Trump, who early in his campaign visited the border, leads the GOP field in Arizona with 34 percent of the vote, followed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 21 percent and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 13 percent.
The rallies and protest follow a local border patrol union of Friday supporting Trump.

Local 2544 said Trump asked for the endorsement and that officials responded by saying he is the only 2016 White House candidate to “publicly expressed his support” of the Border Patrol’s mission and it agents and that he has been “an outspoken candidate on the need for a secure border.

However, Art Del Cueto, president of  the Tucson-based union, made clear that he would adhere to the larger National Border Patrol Council’s practice of not endorse presidential candidates.