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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dem Charlie Rangel: Americans Won’t ‘Lose Any Sleep’ Over Benghazi.

On Thursday, New York Democrat Charlie Rangel had some strong words for Republicans when he claimed that the Republican charge to investigate the Benghazi scandal is a non-issue for voters.
Spoiler alert: He’s wrong.
Speaking with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Thursday, Rep. Rangel joined his fellow Democrats in flippantly dismissing the significance of the Benghazi scandal which continues to haunt this administration. 
“I think it’s tragic that the Republican Party would destroy itself in 2016 by not having one issue that the American people believe should be a priority,” Rangel claimed.
“I don’t think people, Americans, Democratic or Republicans, are going to lose sleep over Benghazi. And I really think that they’re concerned about the economy and jobs and immigration. What I’m talking about is, is that if the Democrats are the only ones standing on their feet in 2016, America has lost.” 
Rangel also wondered why a new select committee was being assembled and noted that Rep. Darrell Issa, “has had all of these hours and days and weeks and months investigating this, that now you`re saying you have no confidence in him, so you have to bring in a new member to head up a new committee to find the answers?”
The answer: we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of this.
While Rangel is correct that Americans are, in fact, concerned with such things as the economy and immigration, the truth is that the majority of Americans don’t believe that the Obama Administration is being truthful with regards to Benghazi.
People are interested. When a government’s weak foreign policy invites terrorists to attack our consulate without fear of consequences, people are interested.
When it’s revealed that security requests were denied by the State Department soon before four Americans were slaughtered, people are interested.
When Americans learned that President Obama wasn’t even monitoring the developing situation as Americans were murdered, people were interested.
When it was revealed that before the smoke had cleared, the White House and the State Department colluded to manipulate talking points to steer the conversation away from the “broader failures of policy,” people have been very interested.
The more Democrats circle the wagons in an attempt to protect the Obama Administration from the fallout that serves as a consequence of a dearth of leadership, the more Americans wonder, “What are they hiding?”
Rangel was wrong to declare that Americans wouldn’t care. The Tea Party cares and unlike for the Democrats, this is not a partisan crusade. Americans were murdered and our Commander-in-Chief was MIA while his staff feverishly worked to craft the next set of lies to tell the American people.
It’s outrageous and unconscionable.
The reason lawmakers continue to investigate Benghazi is because these efforts are continually and obnoxiously hindered, stalled and obstructed by Democrats conscious of the fact that the whole truth is pretty damning.
If Rangel, Obama, Reid, Pelosi or any other politicians want an end to investigations into Benghazi, the simplest solution would be to stop prolonging the inevitable and get it over with; start telling the truth.

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