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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gary Johnson asks CNN host if FBI reopening Clinton email investigation helps him:

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Gary Johnson says Friday’s bombshell revelation that the FBI is reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server helps his chance to win the Nov. 8 election.
During an interview with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, Johnson said Trump is “toast” and that, regarding to Clinton’s ongoing email scandal, “there has to be something there.” But Johnson did highlight a bright spot from all the fallout.
“I do think there’s an honorable alternative. It happens to be me and Bill Weld, two former Republican governors in heavily Democrat states. Hey, maybe we will still occupy the White House. Maybe it’s a possibility here. What do you think?” Johnson asked Baldwin.
After a very awkward, prolonged pause, Baldwin responded, “That’s for you, governor, to get to figure out.

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