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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Team Hillary Dismisses Trump Speech As ’Nutty Conspiracy Theories’? the Clinton Library deal with the role of the Clintons in trying to bring openness and disclosure to UFOs during Clinton White House years.

 Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Campaign UFO Question

<b>Hillary</b> Clinton and undocumented <b>alien</b>

Trump’s speech focused on Clinton’s years of lies, obfuscations, political positioning and criminal behavior, describing her as unfit to be president.

“The only thing Donald Trump offered today was more hypocritical lies and nutty conspiracy theories,” said Clinton’s senior national spokesperson Glen Caplin in a statement. “This is more distraction from a candidate that cannot answer or dispute any of yesterday’s criticism of his business record.”

Caplin warned that the economic experts would hurt the economy and throw the United States back into recession and kill 3.5 American jobs.

“That’s a fact,” he said. “Donald Trump continues to prove that he is unqualified and unfit to be president.”

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