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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tea Party Townhall Featuring Sen. Mike Lee: ‘Will There be a Cruz-Lee Ticket in 2016?’

On Tuesday, Utah Senator Mike Lee, recent recipient of the Paul Revere Patriot Award from, joined and The Capitol Hill Show  host Tim Constantine for a TeleTownHall.

Senator Lee answered questions from callers including whether he would consider running for the White House with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the impact of the push by the Left for a $15 minimum wage on small business owners, and why there has not been a move to impeach Obama. In addition, a caller shared her personal experience with the VA who she blames for the death of our father-in-law.
The WWII veteran was turned away by the VA after going in with medical issues. He was told there was nothing wrong. Two months later, after being transported to a private hospital, it was too late and he passed away from pneumonia that had set into his lungs too much.
In addition, Senator Lee discussed the effort he is leading to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act. TPNN reported on the bill being introduced by Senator Lee to repeal it.
The Davis-Bacon Act mandates that federal contractors are paid the “prevailing wage” as usually determined by local unions. While this may sound harmless enough and even a laudable law, the reality of the law produces artificially inflated wages and drives up the costs of projects being paid for by taxpayers.
The law creates an opportunity for special interests like labor unions to line their pockets at the expense of taxpayers by inflating the mandated wages for employees. It also requires frequent reporting by federal contractors which contributes to overhead and further inflates the cost passed on to taxpayers.
The full town hall with Senator Mike Lee, sponsored by,  can be viewed below.

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