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Saturday, December 21, 2013

According to Barbara Walters and the liberals at ABC News -- Hillary Clinton is the most fascinating Person of 2013.

Who is the 2013 Person of the Year?

Hillary Clinton?

According to Barbara Walters and the liberals at ABC News -- Hillary Clinton is the most fascinating Person of 2013.


Have they forgotten about the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi?

Have they forgotten how our Ambassador came under attack from an Al Qaeda-led mob of terrorists, while Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration shamefully chose to abandon them -- leaving them to die?

And have they forgotten how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are actively trying to cover-up the crimes of Benghazi?

Are you as disgusted as I am?

If so, I'm asking you to click here and immediately sign our Protest Petition to Barbara Walters and ABC news.

With your help, Stop Hillary PAC is fighting back. We are going to create a firestorm with thousands, if not millions, Protest Petitions to let Barbara Walters and ABC News know exactly how disgusted the American people are about their choice.

You see, Stop Hillary PAC was created for this very purpose -- to fight back against Hillary and her cheerleaders in the liberal media, and to ensure she never becomes president of the United States.

So, will you join me in fighting back by signing our Protest Petition today?

Your Protest Petition, along with thousands more, will be delivered directly to Barbara Walters and ABC News demanding to know exactly what they were thinking naming Hillary Clinton person of the year for 2013.

Your Protest Petition will register your disgust with their shameful and disgusting decision, while reminding them of the dead Americans in Benghazi that surely don't think Hillary Clinton is "fascinating."

And finally, we will register your disgust by ensuring we get a response from ABC News. We won't rest until we hear back.

One last thing: In order for us to make the maximum impact we need to deliver hundreds-of-thousands of Protest Petitions, if not millions. That's where your continued support comes in.

So after you sign your Protest Petition, will you help us have maximum impact and reach our goal by making a special, end of the year contribution to Stop Hillary PAC?

Just $5 will help us distribute 2,000 more Protest Petitions to your fellow Americans. Your $25 end of the year gift will help us distribute 10,000 Protest Petitions. And if you could afford it, $100 would help us send out a whopping 40,000 Protest Petitions.

Just imagine what Barbara Walters will do when we drop over a million petitions in her lap at ABC News.

But I can't do it without your help.

So please, click here to register your disgust with Barbara Walters and ABC News by signing your Protest Petition today.

And make a generous gift of at least $5 -- or even $100 if you can afford it.

Let them know we haven't forgotten Benghazi, we are disgusted with their choice and we are fighting back.


Ted Harvey
Senator Ted Harvey (R)
Colorado State Senator
Co-Founder, Stop Hillary PAC 

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