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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MSM treatment of the IRS and DOJ investigations Mainstream Media Paving the Way for “Hillary the Savior”

Color me unimpressed, but I don’t buy the sudden media interest in the IRS and DOJ targeting of Tea Party groups, the AP and Fox News. Is the mainstream media finally giving some coverage to the Obama administration’s myriad of scandals? Sure. But do they really give a hoot that Obama uses the Constitution as a footrest in his pursuit of liberal utopia? Not in a million years.

Let’s be honest. If there’s anything the MSM knows best, it’s how to lick Democrat boot. Most liberal media types would gladly douse themselves in oil and light a match if they thought it would help with the fundamental transformation of America. And it’s not like they didn’t have plenty of opportunity to investigate the IRS persecution of conservatives last year. So what gives?

What we’re really seeing is the MSM setting the table for the next Democratic heir apparent, Hillary Clinton. Now that the election is over, pillorying Obama has minimal damage potential when it comes to the liberal movement as a whole. In fact, it might even be helpful:

helps reestablish the MSM’s tarnished reputation as non-partisan keepers of the public trust, which is of course a joke. But more importantly, the more flak that Obama gets, the better the MSM can describe Hillary as America’s savior. All of the failures over the past few years will be blamed not on the fundamental mismatch between liberal ideology and reality, but on the failures of a single person, Barack Obama. Besides, everyone knows the Clintons would never use the IRS to target their political enemies (except maybe this time, this time, and this other time).

What will be far more enlightening over the coming weeks is not how the MSM treats the IRS and DOJ investigations, but how they respond to a scandal that is directly connected to Clinton, namely Benghazi. After successfully shielding her from any blame connected to Fast and Furious—if you believe that high powered weapons could be transferred over an international border without the Secretary of State’s say so then I got an island in Iowa to sell you—the next big thing for the MSM will be to assign blame for Benghazi to anyone other than Hillary:

With many more Benghazi congressional hearings to come, protecting Hillary may become a bridge too far for even the most dedicated Clinton sycophant. The latest out of PJ Media, in case you haven’t heard, is Ambassador Chris Stevens was hanging out in terrorist country purchasing anti-aircraft Stinger missiles that the State Department had been handing out to al-Qaeda linked groups like M&Ms the year before in order to help bring down Muammar Gaddafi.

According to a PJ Media diplomatic source, Clinton was taking a page out of the “Mike Nichols film Charlie Wilson’s War about a clueless congressman who supplies Stingers to the Afghan guerrillas. ‘It’s as if Hillary and the others just watched that movie and said “Hey, let’s do that!”’”

Being that my intelligence gathering apparatus is limited to a subway pass and a semi-decent pair of binoculars, I can’t confirm the accuracy of the above bombshell, but if true it does shed some light on why Clinton might have stood in the way of any military response the night of the attacks - far better to let Americans die than to bring home survivors whose tales of woe could compromise her political future.
Already we’re starting to see the MSM spin like crazy over Benghazi. Their latest reports revolve around blaming David Petraeus for producing talking points that cast the CIA in a positive light and the debunked theory that the GOP maliciously doctored emails to deflect blame on the State Department. They’ll pretty much do anything but address Hillary’s central role in the death of an American Ambassador.

Will the MSM cover for Hillary be successful? Probably. But then again, maybe not. Congress needs to keep pushing Benghazi because if they don’t, you can be sure that regardless of the facts, the MSM will give Hillary a clean bill of health and then proclaim her our next President, no voting required.

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