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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Planned Parenthood’s Next Frontier for Killing? Forcing A Mother To Deliver Her Dead Baby. Now That Health Care?

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Planned Parenthood operates 88% of the medical abortion facilities in this country…the abortion giant has become a leader in what Gloria Totten calls “the next frontier.”

Medical abortion requires the mother to take two pills: the first kills her baby (Mifepristone aka RU486) and the second induces contractions (Misoprostol) so that the mother can deliver her dead baby. The method is now rivaling surgical abortion, but that doesn’t stop Planned Parenthood for charging the same price!

To rake in more money with this method of killing, Planned Parenthood even does video conferencing in rural areas, passing it off as healthcare in the form of “telemedicine.” In Iowa, this moneymaking strategy accounts for 64% of the abortion giant’s abortion business.

American Life League saw this next frontier of killing on the horizon some time ago, and has already begun the fight to cut through Planned Parenthood’s lies and educate others with the truth.
Did you know, for example, that it’s possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill?!
Last winter, we published an article in Celebrate Life Magazine called “Abortion Reversal,” which tells the story of an effective abortion reversal.

This is about saving lives, saving hearts from being broken, and combating organizations like Planned Parenthood that, for an insatiable love of money, continue to lie, kill, and exploit scared, pregnant mothers.
Your donations make a difference. Your donations save lives.
Yours in the service of life,
Judie Brown
American Life League

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