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Monday, April 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz tax plans, First let look at Sanders Bernie Sanders if he was to get his way and raise taxes to 90% as he had originally proposed,if you were to make  $15 an hour minimum wage what going happen Interesting question isn't it? ,, you're going to make a dollar fifty an hour minimum wage, as your disposable income and you ask this writer for proof here it is it's real simple, you take 150 dimes, each Dime represents 10%, You take 150 dime's put them on a table then  put them into 15 Columns of 10, and then take 9 dime's away from each Columns, and yurr left a dollar fifty an hour is your disposable income, that's old school math not Common Core Math, 

Now let look Ted Cruz's simple flat tax, The individual rate of 10 percent will not only liberate families from tax stress, but will so simplify the system that the IRS can be abolished. (For families who are struggling to make it, there will be no taxes at all if the income is less than $ 36,000 a year.),

For small business owners and large corporations alike, there will be a new Business Flat Tax rate of 16 percent. Gone will be the complex, unfair corporate income tax structure that favors big business. There will be no loop holes. No payroll taxes. No death tax. No sweat. The antiquated, unfair, burdensome system will be replaced with a modern, simplified, streamlined process that is, for the first time, equitable. with every American filling out his or her taxes on a postcard or iPhone app. And abolishing the IRS as we know it.Establishes a simple rate for individuals and businesses that is highly visible, which deflects the tendency of politicians to raise tax rates. so i ask,who has the better plan?

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