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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christie: A genuine Republican and someone you would trust, or just another fraud, bully puppet with a selfish, narcissistic agenda The Chris Christie Circus!

The inevitable speculation regarding Chris Christie has begun.  Isn’t it amazing how the puppeteer elites, including their puppet-politicians and media appendages, choreographed the entire Chris Christie circus?  Most everyone is chomping on the bait offered by the media and both ‘major’ political parties, regarding the ‘resounding’ Christie victory at the polls, but let’s step back to see the entire forest, not just the trees.

Should people be buying into a misdirection maneuver that approximates General Schwarzkopf’s grand scheme during Desert Storm?  Is there not a ‘fundamental transformation’ being scripted for Christie to switch political parties, enabling him to be the puppeteer elites’ ‘Plan A’ Democrat Presidential candidate in 2016? 

Didn’t Christie run against a mannequin-like Democrat in the race to be re-elected as Governor?  Wasn’t she just a window display for the Democrat Party throughout the election?  Didn’t Obama pass on campaigning for her?  Didn’t this weaken an already weak candidate?  Doesn’t this bolster the belief that, at least in the penthouse of American politics, there is no separation of political parties and ideologies?

A quick review of Christie reveals that he assisted Obama twice when the Obama magic was on the wane.  Christie has appointed a Muslim to the judiciary of New Jersey.  He pulled a John Kerry on same-sex marriage; he was against it before he endorsed it.  There have been months when his political campaign coffers were enriched, more fromDemocrat donors than Republican donors.  Aren’t parents suing Christie, because he enacted a ban on gay conversion therapy earlier this year?  Hasn’t Christie attacked conservatives within his current political party, who were attempting to save us from the devastation embedded within ObamaCare, and didn’t he refuse to assist Ken Cuccinelli, who was facing a stacked deck in his bid to win the Governor’s office in Virginia?  Christie offered Obama advice on how to attempt to escape the wrath of millions of people who believed his incessant series of lies regarding ObamaCare.  When you listen to the faux and offensive ‘apology’ uttered by Obama, it appears Obama took Christie’s advice.

Following the election and congratulations from beach buddy Obama

Following the election and congratulations from beach buddy Obama, Christie attempted to backstab fellow Republican and NJ Senate Minority Leader, Tom Kean, Jr., by pushing for his ouster, in favorof Kevin O’Toole (R).  The reason for this skullduggery was to grease the skids of collaboration with NJ Senate President, Stephen Sweeney (D).  To whom do his loyalties lie?  Christie isn’t a Republican; he’s an opportunist!   

The puppeteer-controlled media are packaging Christie as the ‘new’ model of Republican candidate, implying that the Republican party must cave to amnesty, and the Democrat slate of issues to enjoy landslide victories in future elections.  He is in New Jersey, not the Midwest.  His brand of ‘conservatism’ is derided as ‘RINOism’ outside the Communist Republic of New England.  Yes, he did capture a slim majority of the Hispanic vote, but he benefitted from having virtually no competition from 

The Democrat Party, and his endorsement of amnesty and ‘In-State Tuition’ for illegals didn’t harm him.
Christie is a gifted politician, making him very dangerous.  He is a deceptively bellicose bully who invites and relishes confrontation to cut his opposition off at the knees, as he draws attention to himself.  Everything is scripted, comparable to the scripting to which we have been subjected over the past five (5) years by the bully puppet, Obama, and his puppeteers.

The elites, domestic and foreign, have become very adept at covering their bets on U. S. Presidential elections

The elites, domestic and foreign, have become very adept at covering their bets on U. S. Presidential elections.  Knowing the ‘end game’ of destroying our society, our culture, our economy and our republic is the key to understanding everything that is going on.  The elites need one of their own, or someone as malleable ad play dough, to advance their agenda. 

It appears one of the elites’ own is eager to inhabit the White House.  This eager beaver elitist would be Jeb Bush.  Being the leading Republican pedigree, should Jeb follow through on his desire to run for the Presidency, this would make for crowdedcompetition of comparable positions on the issues within the GOP?  Enter the king-making elites.  With their control of the media, the elites will be able package Mr. Christie as the crossover candidate, and, shock of shocks, Christie is a Democrat! 

Some pollsters have been comparing Christie’s strength with Hispanics against Hillary Clinton.  The polls have assumed that, were Clinton and Christie to compete against each other, this contest would be in the General Election.  How much would the dynamics of this polling change, if Clinton and Christie were to be competing for the candidacy within the Democrat Party?

Ms. Clinton appears to be the new ‘Ted Kennedy’ within the Democrat Party

Ms. Clinton appears to be the new ‘Ted Kennedy’ within the Democrat Party.  Elites will use her, but they don’t trust her.  How can anyone trust her, Leon Panetta, Obama and Valerie Jarrett, after all of them abandoned Ambassador Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty on 9/11/12?

A lot can happen, en route to the 2016 Election, and the speculation above assumes we will have not been relegated to Martial Law.  While the belief that Christie will switch parties, to be the elites’ bully puppet inside of the White House, may appear to be speculative, it is the ‘Tessio’ thing to do.  After all, according to an email I received within the past two weeks, the current breakdown of voters is 35% Democrat, 30% Independent, 28% Republican and 7% clueless.  With Priebus, Rove, Boehner and McConnell doing everything they can to sabotage the Gelding Opposition Party, at the order of the big money elite, Don Vito Corleone would applaud a Christie move to theDemocrat Party.

Expect the Chris Christie circus to continue.  Watch what he does as much as what he says.  See if you can convince yourself that Christie is a genuine Republican and someone you would trust within the White House, or if you see him as just another fraud, a bully puppet with a selfish, narcissistic agenda.

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